Kumari 21F Movie Review – Adult Masala

Kumari-21F-Movie-ReviewFilm: Kumari 21F
Star Cast : Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel
Producer : Vijaya Prasad Bandreddi,Thomas Reddy Aduri
Director : Palnati Surya Pratap
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
TeluguSquare.com Rating :3/5


Sidhu (Tarun Raj), a simple guy. He completes Hotel management course and on Singapore job trails . Sidhu develops hatred on his father as the alter abandon his mother and stays with another lady. He has three colony  friends who are  thieves, but Siddu spends time with them and help them in works . At the same time, A model Kumari (Hebah Patel) mets Siddhu in the colony . She tends to be a open- minded girl and at first sight, She says “I Love You” to Siddhu. But Siddhu who already saw her two times before do not take her seriously.But slowly their friendship transforms into Love.
Because of her bold behaviour, Sidhu falls in dilemma whether to Love her or not, He shares his feeling with fiends and they inculcate his mind. Listen to his friends He avoids Kumari and starts friendship with a new girl. After some days He finds a truth about his father who is staying away from them . Siddhu realises Kumari’s Love and wants to express his love to her. Will Sidhu express his Love ? , What is her Mumbai past before entering the colony? What are the incidents that took place in Sidhu’s life because of his friend? ..Forms the story .


The next Door boy , Raj Tarun has chosen a heavy role to carry the entire film on his shoulders and of course he has done justice for his role. He performed brilliantly in emotional scenes in Climax. He showed Innocence, honesty, righteousness in his role. Heba Patel Is a very big plus point for the film. She attracted with her cute looks and bold performance. She impressed with her glamour dose in the film. Chemistry between Sidhu & Hebah is very Bold. For the first time Noel appeared in negative role and he was good.


Kumari 21F runs in Sukumar’s style although the directer is Surya Pratap. Sukumar Mark typical characters, item numbers & Screenplay is clearly exhibited. Devi Sri raised the expectations on the music from the film, But the background music was more impressive than songs . Cinematographer Ratnavelu impressed with his work. Sukumar’s style screenplay was regular but some dialogues have impressed the audience.

Sukumar is the producer for namesake, but he took all the responsibility in making Kumari 21F. In every frame of the film Sukumar style of making is visible. Without the story strength, Sukumar relied on the character to run the film. Taking a small point he tried to run the film for two plus hour, which make the film boring in many scenes. Ther are severval scemes in the fiirsthalf which cannot be watched sitting with family. Earlier he increased the portion of glamour in Item songs, but in this film he completely relied on only glamour throughout the film. Movie has some shockingly dark scenes which might not go well with the audience. Overall Kumari 21F is going to attract a section of audience .

Masala entertainer – Strictly for Adults