KTR corners TV9 and NTV over Police video

rp_KTR-indulging-in-Blackmail-politics-TDP-300x291-300x291-1-300x291-1-300x291.jpgMinister Municipal Administration & Urban Development Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao takes on NTV and TV9 for telecasting a video of a policeman brutally beating a person.

The TV channels TV9 and NTV have broadcasted the news claiming that Telangana Police has beaten
up a Youth named Kanna Reddy who went to get a license to start fertilizers company. While Kanna Reddy alleged that AO Neeraja has asked bribe of 20k and when he secretly filmed it, she complained to police that Kanna Reddy has harassed her and the police have beaten him, who is now in Hospital.

But the video which Police was shown beating a man turns out that it is being broadcast & circulated widely which is actually from Rajasthan & not from Telangana.

When KTR came to known about this, He has Request media outlets to do fact checking before broadcasting & causing irreparable damage to Govt institutions. He asked the managements of TV9 Telugu and NTV Telugu to issue a rejoinder in next broadcast correcting the mistake with a Minimum courtesy.

Later TV9 Telugu had the grace to admit to its editorial mistake. Owning up what went wrong.