KTR attack Congress leaders on Dalit issue

ktr-sandTelangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K T Rama Rao hit out at Congress leaders over Dalit attacks in Sirisilla.

He said Congress with a history of 125 years were indulging in cheap tactics by making false and baseless allegations. Congress was the first offender when ever attacks held on Dalits.

He said, In 2007-08 the state govt revenue on sand was 96 Lakhs, In 2008-09 the revenue was 8.4 Cr, In 2009-10 the revenue was 9.57 Cr, In 2010-11 the revenue was 1.95 Cr, In 2011-12 the revenue was 7.92 Cr, In 2012-13 the revenue was 10.88 Cr, In 2013-14 the revenue was 0 Cr,In 2014-15 the revenue was 10 Cr.

After TRS govt, In 2015-15 the revenue was 374.88 Cr, In 2016-17 the revenue was 435 Cr, In 2017-18 the revenue was 200 Cr in first 6 months.

He questioned where did the sand revenues go when Congress was in the regime?, Uttam Kumar should answer. He alleged entire sand revenues went to Congress leader pockets.

He said The present TRS govt is working with transparency, it has filed 200 cases in Sirisilla alone and people are not going to believe Congress dramas. DSMD is mining sand for the welfare schemes like Housing scheme, Mission Bagirath, and other development works in the state. He criticized Congress for projecting Sirisilla issue as Dalit issue.