Kshanam Movie Review – Spellbinding Thriller

kshanam-reviewTitle: Kshanam
Cast: Adivi Sesh, Adah sharma, Anasuya, Satyam Rajesh
Music, Pakala Sricharan
Directed by: Ravi Kanth
Producer: PVP Cinema
TeluguSquare.com 3.25/5


Rishi (Adavi Sesh) is a NRI who comes to India to study medicine, he falls in love with Swetha(Adah Sharma), he also reveals about their love to her father, Swetha’s father doesn’t like Rishi and rejects their love as Rishi is a NRI. Swetha’s father performs her marriage with Karthik (satyadev) and she has to discontinue her studies .

After four years Rishi (working as Investment banker in USA )gets a calls from Swetha and asks him to meet her.  Rishi meets her , she reveals a shocking truth to him that her daughter Riya has been kidnapped and ask him to trace her kidnapped daughter and Rishi agrees.

Rishi gets shocked after he tries to chase the Kidnap mystery of Swetha’s daughter Riya , He meets School Principal, Police officer and neighbours. The shocking thing is that there is no girl named Riya at all and finds that  Swetha is  in a state of mentally disturbed condition , which makes her feel that she possesses a daughter.

Swetha commits suicide as her close friend also doesn’t believe her that she has a daugher. What happens next?, Does Swetha really posses a daughter? if so where is she?, why Swetha requests Rishi to help her in finding Riya?…Watch on Big screen.


Adivi Sesh has shown great maturity with his excellent performance in the film, He has shown good variations in Thrilling episodes and also in Romantic scenes. He has take the responsibility of the film on his shoulders to make it a one man show. He has taken care about his style and cute looks.

Adah Sharma scored good marks for her performance in the film, she finally got a chance to perform , coming out from glamour doll kind of roles . The pain of the mother whose daughter is kidnapped was perfect showcased by her. Anushka appeared in a full length role for the first time and she was just ok. Satyam Raj has impressed as serious police officer , he attempted little comedic touch to his role.


Adivi Siva has not only contributed as actor but also as technical expert, he gave a new impressive story to Telugu screen and also gripping screenplay which was really amazing. The greatness of the films is that, Audience will not be in a position to imagine the next scene in advance.. Director Ravi Kanth’s taking is good. The movie maintained the same mood from the beginning till end. Songs were disappointment and BGM was excellent, it has took every scene to next level. Editing and cinematography are also highlights for the film.

Plus points:

  • Adivi Sesh
  • Story
  • Screenplay

Minus Points:

  • Lack of regular commercial elements
  • Songs

Overall, Kshanam is a gripping perfect Thriller, which makes the audience to concentrate every scene.


Kshanam Absolutely well-made spellbinding thriller