Krishna’s Rowdilaku Rowdilu makeover

Theesko Coca Cola…” , the old cabaret number crooned by legendary T-wood singer, L R Eswari, for the 1971 hit flick “Rowdilaku Rowdilu” is all set for a makeover.

Producer Neelima Thirumalasetty is confident of reworking the magic of the 30-year-old composition in a new remixed avatar. “A remix of classic LR Eswari gari song ‘Esko Coca-cola’ in our “A Shyam Gopal Verma Film”. The FUNK is back!!!!!!” (sic) tweeted the producer. Rakesh Srinivas is directing the movie and Mantra Anand is composing the music for the film, set to hit the floors soon.