Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha Movie Review

Krishna_Gaadi_Veera_Prema_Gaadha_ReviewMovie : Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha

Director : Hanu Raghavapudi
Producer : Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara
Music Director : Vishal Chandrasekhar
Starring : Nani, Mehrene Kaur Peerzada Rating : 3.5/5
Story :

The movie begins with faction background in Hindupur of Anantapur district , the entire area is controlled by Rajanna(Mahadevan)’s act of winking, His right hand Rama Raju (Ramakrishna) and his sister is Mahalakshmi (Mehreen) .

Krishna Gadu (Nani) is a cheerful borewell drilling with timid personality, who is in love with his childhood sweetheart Mahalaxmi, but could not express it out of fear due to Rama Raju . While Mahalakshmi continues to fail her degree to avoid marriage.

Rama Raju brother (Sampath Raj) bring his children to the village for festival holidays. At the same time ,Rama Raju’s family is attacked by their opposition gang in the village. Rama Raju saves the children from attack and gives the responsibility to Krishna to handover them to his brother Sampath Raj in Hyderabad. Rama Raju also promises that he would give his sister’s hand to Krishna if he handover the children safely.

How Krishna manages to save these kids and What all problems faced ?, Who attack Rama Raja? What is the link between Krishna’s love and Dubai don David Bhai? How Krishna wins his love? ..forms the rest.


Nani once again impressed with his natural performance. As a Lover, a coward, He gave a extremely good and magnificent performance. He justified his “Natural star” title in the emotional scenes during climax. Meharin, who introduced tin the film impressed with her performance especially in Love scenes with her cute expressions. Mahadevan as Rajanna, Ramakrishna as Ramaraju were good in their roles. Sampath has shown his mark of acting in police officer role. Murali Sharma in Don David Bai role , has become plus for the film. Satyam Rajesh, 30 years pridhvi had a great comedy timing.

Analysis :

Andala Rakshasi fame Hanu Raghavapudi, who dealt a Love story with his debut film, Took up a emotional drama with action and impressed audience. The first half is been presented as a beautiful love story and In the second half, he has transformed it into a Adventurous Travel drama. Vishal Shekhar has impressed with the songs and background. Editing, cinematography is good. 14 reels have come again with very good production values.

Plus points:
Story, screenplay

Minus Points:
Songs in the second half

The first half of the film is truly entertaining with good comedy and twists, while the second half flow is been damaged by the two songs . Overall, Krishna gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha is an intertsing and thrilling love story with few lags.

Commitment meets conviction