Koratala explains Srimanthudu cycle importance

Srimanthudu-cycle-costs-3-5-lakhs-1138Mahesh Babu’s Cycle became talk of the town when the poster of his upcoming film Srimanthudu was released. Mahesh Babu was seen riding a costly bicycle which is of Cannondale company’s Scalpel 29 model cycle with Carbon 3 frame and It costs 5500$. Director Koratala Siva has spent 3.5 lakhs for the cycle to showcase Mahesh as millionaire in the movie .

Speaking at press meet , director Koratala Shiva explained about the much-hyped cycle importance in the films. He said, the Cycle is the concept of the film , it has great importance in the film and his Srimanthudu (mahesh) always rides the cycle.

He said, He never reveal the price of the cycle, even small kids are riding on bikes costing 1-2 lakhs. Instead of buying Benteli or Roll Royoc for 50 lakhs , it would be best to have a cycle for 2 lakhs.

He has also compared the special Cycle used in the movie with another normal Cycles. He said, Hero cannot be given a normal rally cycle or amber cycle and it wont looks nice.