Kona Venkat films are injurious to Wealth

kona-venkatAce Writer Kona Venkat films have become injurious to Wealth, All his movies have huge star cast, followed by Huge Publicity with no Story (content) , Releases with hype & gets Negative reviews and again publicity starts.

All the last three films including Ramcharan’s Bruce Lee The Fighter , Akkineni Akhil’s “Akhil- The power of Jua” and Nikhil’s “Shankarbharanam” have tasted same result at Boxoffice , wasting public’s wealth.

Earlier , when Ramcharan’s Bruce Lee got a flop talk, Kona went a head to announce that Director Srinuuvaitla didn’t use his 72 scenes written for the film and blamed Srinu vaitla for flop.

What would Kona say now after seeing result of Shanakarabharanam , which is heading towards disaster in India. It has already been announced as Disaster in Overseas.