Kodi Ramakrishna’s Shivanagam VFX cost 20 Crore

shivanagamAmmoru & Arundhati fame, Father of Graphic film in Tollywood, Veteran filmmaker Kodi Ramakrishna is back with his trilingual mythological fantasy thriller “Shivanagam”.

The story revolves around 120-foot snake of Lord Shiva and a girl who takes revenge in her reincarnation. The movie is said to have nearly 90 minutes of Graphics.

The makers have spent over Rs. 20 crores on the VFX alone,Late Kannada superstar Vishnuvardhan was digitally recreated for the film. He appears for 10 minutes and it took 32 months to create it.

“Eega” and “Baahubali” fame Makuta VFX has handled the VFX, the scene where Divya transforms into a snake will be the highlight.