Kodanda Ram turns Naxalite !

Prof Kodanda Ram turned into a Naxalite  , implementing Naxal’s agenda and disturbing peace and safety of people of Hyderabad by launching a massive agitation soon the name of Telangana March on 29th sept.

Hyderabad with tends to be one of the peaceful cities in India , attracting tourism and investments is now turned into no choice due to some self agendas of so-called politicians and a so-called professor who always demands for resignations and never resign his job as professor for the sake of Telangana taking his monthly salary regularly.

Hyderabad is city of every one, But Kodananda Ram feels as if he owns the city, is now planning for implementing a major destruction agenda in destroying  Hyderabad settlers properties by gathering 1 crore people from Telangana districts.  If this happens all the companies would leave Hyderabad and find their own destinies in future.

A proff cant even understand the simple fact a layman can understand, Vinayaka Nimarjanam is on 28th sept and it goes till 29th afternoon  and people of Hyderabad celebrate it joy, but the following day ‘Telangana March’ is planned on Tank bund with 1 crore public is something nonsense. Even after several request from city police commissioner Anurag Bose  , Kodanda is unable to understand the simple logic at all. Already, Situation already lost control and Hyderabad was defaced with last year ‘Telangana walk’ which turned into ruckus. Hope God give some common sense to Kodanada …Ram!!

Meanwhile , Seemandhra student JAC is planning for “Chalo hyderbad” on 30th , with Telangana side people at one end and Seemanandhra at other end , Hyderabad would be war zone.