Kodanda gave Deadline !

TJAC chairman Proff.Kodandaram gave a deadline date to the entire Telangana minister.

Talking to press at Telangana EGO’s Bhavan he said T-Ministers should give clear announcement about Telangana before Sept 30th otherwise they should resign to their ministries and join ‘Telangana March ‘on 30th. They should keep pressure on center to make them to say something on Telangana.

He accused that Telangana ministers were dumb because of them Telangana is delayed. ‘Telangana March’  is named as “Sagar Haram” and will be once again held at Tank Band road.

Meanwhile, Senior congress leader K.Keshav Rao expressed his support for this ‘March’ .Speaking to press he said at any cost this ‘Telangana March’ will not be stopped and demanded Telangana minister to resign and participate in this ‘March’