Kodali Nani open challenge to Balakrishna

Telugu Desam suspended MLA from Gudivada , Kodali Nani dared to make some sensational statements challenging Balakrishna today.

Nani who always takes time of 1-2 month to give counter to his rivals was in news today. Nani said, He would contest from vacant seat of Gudivada against Balakrishna if he is likely to take up the challenge and contest in Gudivada, Its a one sided challenge , He also said if he lose in the election he would leave the state forever.

According to political analysts, There is political strategy behind his sensational statements, Nani has perfect information that Balakrishna would not contest from Gudivada as he is going to contest from Pedambur of Krishna district. The reason is Rave Venkateshwara Rao of Gudivada who is arch rival from Nani is once again welcomed into TDP with a promise to give the Gudivada seat in 2014 elections . Thus, There is no chance of Balakrishna contesting from that seat.