‘Kiss of Love’ campaigners Arrested

kis of loveAfter a complaint raised on Facebook page ‘Kochu Sundarikal’, by by another Facebook page ‘Sexually Frustrated Mallu’, members of which were also part of Kiss of Love.

Police have detained model Resmi R Nair and her husband, ‘Kiss of love protest’ leader Rahul Pashupalan and also Akbar, a native of Kasargod on the allegations of being involved in the online sex trafficking of minor girls. It is to be supposed that the couple is the partners with a group who involved in supplying minors and young children to Pedophiles. The police have also arrested others who had made vicious comments on pictures of minors

The complaint against the Facebook page with photographs of minors was given by a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, who was associated with KoL and SFM movements.