Kishan Reddy targets KCR for skipping Yoga day

kishan-reddyAlthough United Nations has passed a resolution declaring June 21 every year as the International Yoga Day (World Yoga Day) And India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the International Community to adopt 21 June as the International Yoga Day, Telangana parties turn a deaf ear to this resolution, alleged BJP MLA Kishan Reddy.

Kishan Reddy took part in International Yoga Day celebration along with Hon’ble Union Minister for health J P Nadda at a event held in sajevaai Park in Hyderabad.

Reddy said, Its unfortunate that some political parties in Telangana under the influence of some religious parties skipped this international event , giving a religious color that this event . When the entire world is celebrating Yoga Day event including 42 Muslim countries , These parties in Telangana still feel it as religious event.

Reddy was indirectly targeting Telangana chief minister and his party TRS for skipping this event.