Kiran Kumar Reddy’s career at Crossroads

kiran-kumar-reddy Former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Kiran Kumar Reddy has become second sealed cover CM in 2009 after Anjaiah.

Reddy is still in the wilderness and his days of isolation and political oblivion are not yet over and his political career is at crossroads.

After bifurcation , He came out of Congress party to start his own party “Samaikandhra Party”, that failed to gain the attention of people. Later he went into isolation for some months and then lobbied to join BJP. However, his move was blocked by some vested interests.

With his straightforwardness, he could not join TDP or YSRCP as both these party chiefs Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan respectively do have their own attitudes .

Despite a Hyderabadi cricketer by passion and a politician by accident after his father’s death , he lost chances to be a Telangana politician after he stood strong against the formation of Telangana.

The only shelter he finds safe for him is AP Congress, which is lacking a direction and a leader. But Will Kiran does the mistake of joining Congress that has lost its foundation in AP?

The answer could be Yes, Kiran is waiting for Uttar Pradesh elections which give a clarity on next government at center in 2019. If Congress makes some respectable scores in UP, Kiran might join Congress, says, political analysts.