Kiraak RP want Mahesh Kathi in Mental Hospital

kiraak-rpTV show Jabardast comedian Kiraak RP slammed at critic Mahesh Kathi for criticising the Jabbadasth Show and the standup comedian of the show Hyper Adi

RP said It has become a regular habit for Mahesh Kathi to criticise everyone and stay in limelight. He alleged that Mahesh has become mentally ill.

He also slammed Mahesh Kathi for using the photo of his taken with Adi at London Baabulu preview show and criticising the Pawan Kalyan fans. He demanded Mahesh Kathi be admitted to Mental Hospital immediately.

Earlier Adi in his comedy skit without mentioning Mahesh Kathi made some satirical comments saying “Anyone with big Belly and Blad’s head can become movie reviewer “, In response, Mahesh slammed at Adi over Body shaping, he later posted a photo saying They all are friends and in future he might post photo with Pawan Kalyan to surprise PK fans. Adi immediately criticised Kathi for using the photo for a different context. And now RP also criticised Mahesh Kathi.