King Nag and his ‘Comedy’ show !

King Nagarjuna has always been known for his suave and sophisticated appearance onscreen and he maintains the same off the screen too. So, when it comes to inviting Nag for any public event, it must have a style of its own. Perhaps this is something Kalamandir Kalyan of Kalamandir showroom realized and invited Nag for something different. 

This was for the inauguration of a hoarding set up at Banjara Hills and this type is the first of its kind event that never happened before. It is heard that Nag was asked to press the remote button to open the curtains. When Nag pressed it opened promptly and he was surprised how that happened.

But then Kalyan reportedly clarified that the remote was a dummy. Nag was reportedly startled and usually this dummy thing happens during audio launch how did it happen here so convincingly. For this, sources say Kalyan revealed that there are people behind the hoarding holding binoculars and waiting for a signal. Once Nag knew this, he said in laughing way how perfect the timing was which is better than movies.