Killing Pawan Kalyan fan by Jr NTR fan incident is a Wakeup call

pawan-ntrTelugu cinema stars are considered as Demi-Gods by their fans , but the latest incident of killing Pawan Kalyan fan by Jr.NTr fan , is really a wakeup call .

Fans should realise that Life is more important than ‘Star’ devotion and love . Diehard fan doesn’t mean to die or sacrifice their lives for the sake of their star heroes.

Fans should put some common sense before going out and doing some crazy things to prove themselves as loyal fans. The incident in Karnataka will make you wonder if the love can take someone to an extent of killing others , this is heights of Madness.

Jr NTR fan Sunil stabbed Vinod Kumar dead, who was a fan of Pawan Kalyan. What has been achieved? The police nabbed the murderer and Vinod Kumar family has lost their son . Be wise before showing too much devotion to stars. Life is more precious !!.