Kill ministers also

Demanding the kill of lazy officials has become a big issue in state, with Minister TG Venkatesh is not ready to retract his statements. Adding to this, some opponents are demanding for the kill of ministers now!

Andhra Pradesh’s IAS officers and gazetted officers are threatening to go on a strike if Chief Minister fails to take action on the remarks made by TG Venkatesh. However, TGV is standing by his remarks and he feels that there is nothing wrong in commenting about lazy officials. He cited how Jawaharlal Nehru has given a similar call earlier regarding unworthy and lazy bureaucrats. When all the opposition parties are also condemning this, CPI Narayana stated that lazy ministers should also be shot dead not only bureaucrats. ‘Why is just IAS officers? Politicians and ministers are also responsible for poor show of state. Kill them too’, stressed Narayana.

Well, killing talks are making us reach Taliban but not giving solution to any problems in the state.