Khaidi No 150 Movie Review – Paisa Vasool

khaidi-reviewMovie: Khaidi No 150
Director: V. V. Vinayak
Producer: Ram Charan
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Starring: Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Posani, Tarun Arora. Rating 3.25/5


Kathi Srinu(Chiranjeevi) is a jailbird in Kolkata Central jail, who escapes and lands in Hyderabad. At the time he plans to leave the country to Bangkok, he meets Lakshmi (Kajal) in the airport and falls in love with her and decides to stay back.

He decides to stick around long enough to win her affections, but gets caught up in K.shankar (Chiranjeevi again) who’s is a social crusader fighting for a group of villagers in a remote village whose agricultural land is being illegally taken over by soft drink corporate chief Agarwal (Tarun Arora).

Kathi Srinu witnesses some men shooting at Shankar and rushes him to the hospital. Though he saves Shankar’s life, he decides to take advantage of the situation by stealing his identity after Agrawal offers him 25 crores for the lands of the farmers. Kathi Srinu understands the gravity of the situation.

Kathi Srinu comes to know the greatness and hard work put by Shankar to save the lands of farmers and also Agarwal’s’ tricks. Kathi decides to stand behind farmers which lead to a clash between Kathi Srinu transformers as a leader. The rest of the film is all about how Kathi Srinu eventually saves his village. What is the strategy adopted by Kathi to put a check to dance, What about Kath and Lakshmi Love story?, forms the story.


Chiranjeevi is back after 9 years with a bang, Although he was off the screen for 9 years but his grace in dances, his comedy timing, his emotions, action, and performance remains the same from where he left. Chiranjeevi plays two totally different characters, excelling at both. As Kathi Srinu, he was fun loving Romeo, who can dance, do comedy and effortlessly bash up fifty bad guys, and as Shankar, a sedate social activist with spectacles and classic look. Chiranjeevi dances need special mention, at the age of 62, he shows how effortless he can dance ,  This will definitely bring shivers in the spine to young dancing heroes. While Kajal Agarwal had to do in the film is a smile and look pretty. This was enough to thrill the audience, who greeted her with whistles in every scene.Tarun Arora in his stylish suits with perfect lip sync and dubbing as the villain impresses. Jayaprakash, Posani, and Brahmanandam were equally good in their roles.


Technically, the film is rich. DSP’s music and BGM reaches a new level. All songs are eye-feats the for the audience, the sentimental song “Neeru Neeru” is worth watching.Ratnavelu’s camera is eye-catching, especially the way he captured visuals in the romantic song and also the action scenes. Ram- Laxman’s action scenes are well choreographed especially the coin scene.


Hats off to director VV.Vinayak who did his job in an excellent way after Tagore, Packing Entertainment, Message and above the Expectations. Vinayak has taken care to make the film reach the high expectations of just Mega fans for also everyone who are eagerly waiting to watch Chiru after 9 years gap. The best part of the film is regardless of the excessive masala moments catering to Chiranjeevi’s mass hero image, the film does convey an important social message. The director has touched relevant social issues like farmer suicide and creates a huge impact.

+ Chiranjeevi
+ Story & Screenplay
+, Songs, dancing
+, Passionate scenes
– Lack of Villainism.

Overall Khaidi No 150 is a grand comeback film for Chiranjeevi with a complete package.


Boss Is Back with a Bang!