Khaidi No 150 creates Tremendous buzz in USA

khaidino150-774There is a tremendous buzz for Mega star Chiranjeevi’s comeback film Khaidi No 150 in USA.  With the kind of Buzz, the film is going to set a new non- Bahubali record through premiers and One million dollars will be a cakewalk for Chiranjeevi.

The advance booking for Premiers have opened in selected cities . The movie is targeting 220+ locations in USA.

The premieres will be huge in Bay Area, Khaidi No 150 is almost full for 8pm show at Serra theatres in bay area in no time.

A Mega Bus Tour in USA has been taken by Mega Texas.

In Virginia, Khaidi No 150 premier show tickets almost sold out .

In houston, Six shows are sold out.

Boston now turned to Bos ‘s’ ton as all 20 premier shows are sold out.

Booking opened in maryland,USA.

Real stamina is that , Bookings are not yet opened in NJ, But entire premier shows have been pre filled through pre-passes.

The USA Premieres ticket pricing for Khaidi No 150 is fixed as $25, GautamiPutra Satakarni – $20 and Satamanam Bhavathi – $12