Key turn in Tollywood sex racket

rp_sex-300x200.jpgThe Tollywood sex racket case is going to take a key turn tomorrow. Kisan Modugumodi and his wife Chandrakala facing charges of alleged sex racket to appear before the court.

The Illinois court will be investigating both the accused who are arrested in the US on the charges of staying in the US even after their visas expired. Following the arrest of the couple by United States Border Patrol (US BP) in Kyuan, Ohio, police have received several key pieces of evidence. The police filed a 42-page charge sheet against the couple for allegedly making fake letters of invitation in the name of the Telugu community in the United States.

In the initial trial of the police, they gathered strong evidence against the couple. The NRIs who have already been identified in the diaries of the couple have become approvers before the police. They will be presented as witnesses in court. It is expected that the case is likely to come to a conclusion in the course of the month.

The police seized four cell phones of Kishan and Chandrakala, and their conversations and chatting were analysed. According to them, only six are considered as victims by US police. However, for many years the Kishan couple are in this dark business. If The Kisan couple accepts their guilty of the crime, the case will end up there. If they do not cooperate with the investigation, the US police will have to come to Hyderabad. In this case, there is a possibility of exposing many names. On Thursday, Illinois court likely to sentenced punishment to the couple and after completion of the punishment, they are likely to come to India.