Key evidence found in Gauri Lankesh murder case

rp_gauri-300x200.jpgThe Karnataka Police have found key evidence in the murder case of leading journalist Gauri Lankesh who was shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru.

Based on two CCTV cameras at her house, Police have collected key evidence of the murder. Two DVD’s which were secured with password protection are seized from the residence of Lankesh. IT professionals are trying to open them.

The victim and the assailant are also available in the same frame in the CC TV footage. Police found that she was shot dead at a very close distance. These credentials were sent to the forensic laboratory in order to ensure full compliance.

According to available evidence, one of the culprits was waiting on a two-wheeler with a black jacket, masked face, and helmets while another man went to her house premises and opened fire on her.

A high alert was announced by the Bangalore police after the incident. The police had formed teams and started the investigation. The police had collected the footage from the Gauri office at Basavanagudi in GandhiBazar to her house and examined the footage.

According to police, the assailant who fired on Gauri Lankesh were professional killers and carried Rikki at her residence, observed her movements before killing her. The CCTV footage at the nearby junctions, along with CCTV footage at her residence, has been collected to find the movements of the suspects.