Key accused in Abhay murder case Arrested

abhayHyderabad police has identified key accused who kidnapped and murdered 15 year old Abhay , the twin son of Hyderabad based business man.

Abhay left his house in Sree colony of Shahinayatgunj for a nearby tiffin centre on a two-wheeler to get snacks on wednesday evening. But he didn’t return.

Abhay was spotted, sitting on a bike along with a stranger at Darusalam . His father got a call from stranger demanding ransom of 10 crore after few hours. Abhay body was found stuffed in a Sony TV box near Alpha hotel, Secunderabad Railway Station.

Hyderabad Police looked for the suspect caught on CCTV , who was right Abhay on a bike.The suspected was identified as Sai, a worker in the same street and also close to Abhay’s family.

After dumping Abhay’s body at Alpha hotel, Sai along with other two took train tickets to Vijayawada and travel separately in different compartments.

After reaching Vijayawada, they purchased new “Sim’ cards and changed their mobile sims. But the police have tracked them using mobile identification number (MIN) . Unofficial sources say, Police have took Sai into custody.