Kesineni Nani flays BJP leaders over Temple politics

kesineni-naniTemple politics in Vijayawada heats up as BJP along with Peetadhipathi Swamis Protest a rally against to demolition of Temples in Vijayawada.

TDP MP Kesineni Nani said they were following the Supreme Court directive while removing the temples obstructing the road. They removed temples that were not notified the Endowments department.

He criticised the BJP MP for joining hands with a fake swamiji who ran away from the city and constructed a Matam. He questioned as why that BJP MP is not interested in taking care of his constituency rather politicising the Vijayawada temple issue.

He said, BJP leaders are didnot talk about Special status, Polavaram, Railway zone, and other funds and problems with the central leadership. But they are creating rumours that temples were demolished in Vijayawada. He advised BJP leaders not to politicise the Temple issue. He said, Modi has demolished 300 temples in Gujarat for development.