Keshava Rao denies allegations in Miyapur Land scam

K-Keshava-RaoAfter the name of secretary-general of TRS and member of Rajya Sabha, Dr K Keshava Rao’s has surfaced in Miyapur Land scam, Keshava Rao denies all allegations.

TRS MP K Keshava Rao’s daughter Gadwal Vijayalakshmi has bought 50 acres of land from Gold Stone company. Out of 50 acres, 38 acres of land is said to be Govt’s land which is under forest department.

Registrar Madhusudhan Reddy made sensational comments on the lands that they got registered the govt’s land illegally.

Kesava Rao denies allegations of land grabbing and said that registrations are done as per the orders of High Court. He said The land in Dandu Mailaram near Ibrahimpatnam of RR district is not govt land. He further stated that registration was done only after getting clearance from Revenue secretary, law department, and collector of Telangana. Suspending sub-register on this issue is nor correct, said Keshava Rao.

He said, He has bought the land in 2010 and said TRS is a clean government.