Keshava Movie Inside Talk

rp_keshava-258x300.jpgYoung hero Nikhil Siddharth’s revenge drama “Keshava” is all set to release this Friday. Here is the inside talk of the film that is making a buzz in film Nagar circles.

Nikhil is a college going brahmin boy who suffers Dextrocardia due to which t he can’t run fast, get angry, etc even when he is avenging. His heart wants to be angry, but his mind says him to be cool.

He manages the colleges and kills corrupt police officials across cities, the case is handed over to Isha Koppikar, who finds Keshava before Interval Bang. But why he starts killing police officers is the key point.

There is a flashback in which Nikhil loves Ritu Varma in college and Vennnala Kishore and others are his college mates. There are elements of comedy too. There is an emotional undercurrent throughout the film.

Overall Keshava is a revenge drama without any commercial elements, more for multiplex audiences.
Positives: screenplay, BGM, interval bang, Career best performance from Nikhil.