Keeravani’s shocking comments on Young heroes

Keeravani is a legendary music director who has worked with some of the biggest and best directors in the business.His latest movie Eega is all set to release next week. On this occasion, Keeravani gave a special interview to a Telugu daily. In that interview, he took on the present day choreographers and actors.

“Present day actors are totally ignoring expressions in songs while legends like NTR and ANR excelled in olden days. Present generation are only confined moving their hips and legs. Song is not all about dance as they think. Choreographers’ high headedness is the reason for it. Some directors and actors are giving too much of importance to these choreographers. It is not that I am against dance. I only oppose the opinion that song is all about dance”. Rumours that these comments were made in view of Jr.NTR who believed to have said with his close mets that Keeravani messed with Ruler song in Dammu.

Keeravani did not stop there. He even took on the audience too. He said, “Audience too are sailing in the same ship. Only blind people take a song as they only listen to the lyric and tune. I am very soon going to arrange a musical performance at Ravindra Bharathi for the blind”.