Keeravani hot hot tweets

keeravaniBaahubali music composer MM Keeravani made some hot hot tweets .He made some satirical remarks and also denied the allegation that he has been practicing nepotism.

He tweeted “Suddenly I realised that all the directors- ALL ( I emphasise ) genius and humble. It was only me the brainless all the time. ALL are creative and down to earth.Except me. Just now some one couriered me a dictionary in which the meaning for arrogance reads MMK.I will humbly go through the whole book. All the directors in the world are greattttt🙏 I am dying to work with them all. But as I am an old brainless Conposer , expecting least.

How forgetful I am( becoming old).
I like all the lyricists and ALL songs of their hard work.I feel Veturi garu is 100, SVS 90, my father 35, and myself 10.
Rest of all range from 11 to 89.Recently Sai garu watched a tv programme where they said that there is scarcity for composers in Tollywood . I disagreed and educated him.The real scarcity is for writers .
They are the most underpaid.

SSR is angry with me and wants me to do some work, because ARKA media wants to release the movie by 28th.
See you all friends again🙏 “. (sic)