KCR’s interesting comments on Dora and Gadi

rp_kcr-11-300x241-1-300x241-1-300x241-1-300x241-300x241-300x241-1-300x241-300x241-300x241.jpgTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao made some interesting comments on ‘ Dora (landlord) and Gadi (fortress) ‘ which is a manifestation of Landlord domination in this region.

He said, “Some useless gangs are spilling venom in social media sites calling me a Dora , those will not be spared. In Fact Congress TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy is Dora, I am not a Dora. Dora is not a caste, it is a cult .I belong to microscopic minority caste”.

He said, The place I live is not called a Gadi whereas Uttam Kumar Reddy’s bungalow in Tatipamula in Suryapet used to be called a Gadi .

KCR rivals used point out that KCR is a dora who used to live in a gadi in his native village Chintamadaka. They always terms KCR’s regime reminds of the bygone Telangana Dora regime.