KCR won as MP with TDP votes !

TDP President Sri N.Chandrababu Naidu launched a scathing attack against the ruling Congress for breeding corruption at all levels. Simultaneously he came down heavily on TRS President, K.Chandrashekara Rao and accused of using Telangana as a ploy to mint money.

He was addressing a series of road shows in Pedakottapalli, Kollapur and Veepanagandla mandals, seeking support for his party nominee to the Kollapur constituency in Mahabubnagar district here on Monday.

Going hammer and tongs against the Congress, Naidu said that it was a matter of shame that even six ministers and several IAS officers were served notices by the Supreme Court on charges of corruption and gross abuse of power the Chief Minister has not acted against any of the ministers and has not dared to seek their resignations.

The former chief minister said while IAS officers who worked under the TDP dispensation were elevated to higher positions, the officers who toed the Congress rulers were in jail. He said this was the difference in administration between the Congress and Telugu Desam regimes. He asserted that Telugu Desam rule was transparent in all its administrative decisions, he said.

The TDP chief blamed the faulty policies of the Congress for the backwardness of Mahbubnagar. He said all developments that took place in Mahabubnagar was only under the Telugu Desam rule. The Congress government scrapped several development schemes introduced by him in Mahabubnagar, he said. He alleged that the Congress government in the state was under the control of the liquor syndicate.

The TDP chief said Chandrasekhara Rao’s ill-gotten wealth was in the name of Telangana. He also used this ploy to benefit his family members. Naidu also pointed out that Rao could win the Lok Sabha elections in 2009 only because of the support extended by the Telugu Desam Party, which Naidu said among his biggest political mistakes.

He said that KCR who was now  blowing his own trumphet now had actually won the Mahbubnagar parliament seat with support of TDP only and had jumped over to the NDA in the last minute which bombed in the 209 elections.