KCR wholeheartedly welcomes Demonetization

kcr-assemblyTelangana chief minister K.Chandrasheka Rao supported the center move of Demonetization on the floor of the assembly.

Speaking on the debate of Demonetization in assembly today, KCR said, Telangana Government wholeheartedly welcomes the decision of the Prime Minister. Demonetization will curb black money, terrorism, corruption and fake currency. Good for nation building. Modi took this decision to control black money and corruption in the country and clarified that the government is believing that the motive behind this whole process would be successful. However, He has appealed the center to take necessary steps to over come cash crunch and also prevent black money taking the form of gold, stocks and foreigen exchange.

He said, Telanagana is the number one state when it comes to cashless transactions. while Siddipet to be completely cashless.