KCR wants Non-Congress and Non-BJP govt at center

kcrRecent developments hinting at the possibility of Telangana chief minister K.Chandrasekahar Rao taking a lead role in national politics is getting louder.

He is getting support for the third front call. MIM Chief Owaisi, West Bengal CM Mamatha Banerjee and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan called him and extended their support to bring qualitative change in the present political scenario in India

KCR today sought blessings from people of Telangana for his return to national politics and foray against BJP and Congress. KCR has also said that people are vexed with the way BJP and Congress have been ruling.

Speaking to gathering at Pragathi Bhavan, He slammed at the rulers at the centre including BJP and Congress governments. He comapred India with China, Singapore and USA and demanded full rights to the states without centre’s interventions.

Talking about Muslim reservations, He said Telangana consists of 85% BCs, ST, SC and Muslim minorities, How can they be accommodated within 50% reservations?. He criticised the previous central government for neglecting farmers for past 70 years. He also criticised the centre not resolving water disputes between the states.

He said the need of the hour is “Non-Congress, Non-BJP” and a real federalism where the state governments should be given full freedom to rule the states.