KCR waives pending power dues to STs

rp_kcr-1-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-300x162-1-300x162-1-300x162-300x162.jpgTelangana Chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao held a special meeting with the public representatives from Scheduled Tribe community at Pragati Bhavan here on Saturday , the issue of conflict between Gonds and Lambadas figured in the meeting .

Today He has announced the waiver of all pending power dues of the ST category, as well as the lifting of electrical cases against them in the state.

He announced the provision of road connectivity for every ST habitation, and power connection for every Right of First Refusal (ROFR) patta farmer. The CM ordered a waiver of dues worth Rs 70 crore, and directed for Rs 40 crore to be paid to the electricity department. Apart these STs will be given financial assistance for self-employment without having any link with the banks.