KCR to be Vice-President of India !

KCR to be Vice-President of India !

TRS would dismiss this piece as ‘conspiracy by Seemandhra media’. But the strong rumour doing the rounds in political circles in Hyderabad is that KCR has in principle decided to merge his party with Congress.

The ruling party reportedly promised him the position of Vice-President of India in lieu of his gesture.

This info is surprising considering that TRS is politically at its best currently and the future holds only good, at least the near future. It is but natural to ask the question as to why should KCR think on these lines at this stage.

The fact that the Centre is not likely to announce Telangana has been a dampener for TRS. That there is evidently no scope for any decision on this score at least till 2014 is known to TRS leaders.

“Tell us anything – either separate state or no separate state,” KCR recently demanded to know from the Centre.

The TRS chief’s alleged intention gained credence after the party leaders started talking about this possibility.