KCR targets veteran Congress PMs

kcrTelangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao addressed representatives of print and electronic media at Janahitha in Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday.

KCR tried to portray Congress as Number Uno villain for Telangana right from first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru . He targeted veteran Congress leaders at the press meet.

He said, Congress PM Nehru has merged Telangana in Andhra Pradesh against Fazal Ali report . Even Indira gandhi suppressed Telangana movement by killings of 400 Telangana people during 1969 movement.

He alleged that Congress has brought the drugs and pubs culture in the state and his govt is trying to eradicate it at the budding stage . Telangana is in the least in drugs consumption and officials are given full support to uproot drugs from the state.

He said, There is no gambling in Telangana either it may be online or offline. Even Gudamba is eliminated by the Telangana govt.

People will not appreciate Congress for not supporting good schemes of the govt. Congress don’t have tall personalities in the state and are waiting for baahubali. He appealed the Congress to stop the nuisance and nonsense and don’t behave rubbish , said KCR.