KCR still tight lipped on Kodandaram remarks

kodandaram-123After the formation of Telangana, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao wanted no opposition in the state, claiming he himself was doing all that was needed for the sake of the people.

He also bent some media house to play to his tunes and targeted all oppostion parties by attracting their leaders under operation Akarsh including TDP , ysrcp and Congress . But Telangana gets a new ‘opposition’, and KCR is not pleased.

Earlier when T.G. Venkatesh made statements against TJAC leader Prof. Kodandaram, KCR reacted very strongly to say Kodandaram was the representative of four crore people of Telangana and threatened to pluck the tongue of those, who criticise the TJAC chief.

But now , KCR is maintaining a strategic silence instead of hitting hard the TJAC leader , who smoothly criticised the KCR governmnet. While KCR ministers’ have already used their verbal skills to defame the JAC leader, which reportedly bounce backed.

On the other hand Congress leader Mohammed Ali Shabbir today questioned the silence of KCR over the criticism on TJAC Chairman