KCR speech Highlights of Assembly

kcr-11Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao slammed at Congress and asked them whether their party had fulfilled its 2009 poll manifesto.

He said, except the KG to PG scheme, it had implemented 90 per cent of its poll promises made by TRS during 2014 elections were fulfilled.

He said, Industrialists used to stage dharnas near Indira Park demanding proper power supply but after the TRS took over the reins of power in the state, 24 hours quality power supply.

He said,

  • During the Congress rule, Rs 200 pensions were given , which has been increased to 1000.
  • Congress govt gave pensions to 29 Lakh people but TRS is providing pensions to 35.7 Lakhs
  • Without extra fees, Fine rice is supplied to welfare hostels for students.
  • Pensions, ration cards, raised, Beedi workers were supported.
  • Bangarutalli scheme is implemneted.
  • In the first installment of 50 per cent of the farmers’ loans have been waived.
    There is no shortage of seed and fertilizers to farmer with the forecast of government.
  • The two-bedroom homes is a courageous decision made to see poor live with self-esteem.
  • RTC went into loss of 218 crore in Hyderabad, but now it is minting profits.
  • Provided Rs 700 crore to strengthen RTC as it is the only mode of transport for poor.
  • Introduction TSipass , attracted investment of about Rs 33 crore.
  • Zaheerabad NIMS got permission from the center.
  • Doctors and paramedical posts will be filled and other vacant posts will be filled in medical health care.