KCR sees no threat from BJP in next elections

rp_kcr-1-293x300-1-293x300-293x300-1-293x300.jpgTRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao sees no threat from BJP to TRS in coming general elections in 2019.

KCR reportedly discussed the state politic with his party leaders and said, some anti-incumbency vote was to be expected But this anti-incumbency vote will be divided among opposition parties especially BJP and Congress.

Since there is a prediction that TRS will return to power in Telangana and Narendra Modi at the Centre in 2019, Congress vote might go to BJP and the latter will try to lure Congress leaders into their part as BJP is not in a position to field 50 out of 119 Assembly constituencies. Congress leaders will desert the party in large numbers to grab BJP tickets.

He also told that some TRS leaders are nonperforming and people are with a view that he is doing every thing. This apprehension is not good for the party. He also told the party leaders that People should not think that TRS giving schemes keeping the elections in mind.