KCR says “Khabardar Pawan Kalyan” !

K. Chandra Shekar Rao known to be the deal specialist,  came out of hangover and fired on Pawan Kalyan after spending all his time enjoying in his guest house giving false statements on Telangana and fooling the people of Telangana with his routine false statements.

KCR called upon pro Telangana directors like N.Shankar and R.Narayana Murthy today and inquired about the content in “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu” movie. The pro Telangana minded directors gave him a wrong feed about the film that it contains degraded statement about Telangana . KCR busted on Pawan and Puri stating that ” Seemandhra people Khabardar…”  and gave clear signal to his cadre to disturb the screenings so that,  he can make some money by dealing with Dil Raju.

Meanwhile, Dil Raju and Puri cleverly handled this situation and agreed to remove the scenes and the movie had got 12 cuts. Puri gave a public apology saying “I made #CGR wid a National integrity aspect n never intended to hurt any regional feelings, leaders Or agitations.”  . About 60 Pawan Fans of Telangana Student JAC from Adilabad, Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Siddipet resigned due to stalling of CGR.

But, the damage for the movie was already done , Rambabu screening in all the center across Telnagana for its Morning, Matinee and First Show (some places) were stopped . In some places local TRS leader allowed the show to run charging some amount from theater owners. While, the second shows went 50% capacity. This might cause a loss of 1.5+ crores share for its 2nd day collections.