KCR makes media houses Richer

kcr-adsThe ruling Telangana government under the leadership of the Chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has reportedly spent around 200 cr for publicity on the second Telangana formation day .

KCR govt was always media friendly as far as their publicity is concerned and generously gave ads to all media houses including English dailies of other states too.

To a surprise a 4 page jacket ad was seen in all newspapers across India , each running into Rs 2 crore to Rs 5 crore depending on their circulation.

Not just print media, Even electronic media got some share in the advertisements , Apart digital media and other publicity campaigns like banners & holdings.

While the govt wants to project the youngest state Telangana as the fastest developing state in the country under the firm leadership of KCR . Why not ? . The state with surplus revenues has surplus money for Ads.