KCR list out achievements of TRS govt

kcr-tfdTelangana celebrated its third formation day at a function held at Secunderabad Parade Ground in Hyderabad.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao listed out the achievements of the TRS government speaking at Telangana Formation Day Celebrations at Parade Grounds.

He said, As per recent CAG report, Telangana tops the country in revenue growth for FY 2016-17. Registers 17.82% growth rate. Govt is spending a major share of Rs. 40,000 Cr on 35 welfare schemes thereby instilling self-confidence in citizens. 40 lakh citizens avail Aasara pensions and nearly 1.8 lakh families benefited under Kalyana Lakshmi / Shaadi Mubarak .

He said, 512 new residential educational schools opened, fine rice is being served for students at hostels. He announced two decisions of the Govt for the benefit of women: 1. A single woman will get Rs 1000 pension from 4 June. 2. Towards the welfare of women and children, ‘KCR Kits’ would be distributed to a pregnant woman from 4 June Apart Rs 12,000 in 3 installments, an additional Rs 3,000 if the baby happens to be a girl, will be given to pregnant woman.

He said Energy sector has been transformed to achieve power-sufficiency from power-deficiency when the State was formed. With the addition of new power generating units, we will soon emerge as a power-surplus State.

He said, Under Mission Bhagiratha, we will be able to supply clean drinking water to all the villages by this year end. Telangana stood first in EODB ranking and the industrial policy, TSiPass, is attracting huge investments into the State. IT Sector also witnessed inflow of huge investments and a substantial increase in exports.

Towards farmers’ welfare, Govt has waived crop loans of Rs 17,000 cr thereby giving relief to 35.30 lakh farmers. 16,000 tanks were restored under Mission Kakatiya to transform village economy; 5,000 more tanks are being restored. Agriculture Godowns with 17.09 lakh tons (LT) capacity have been built since 2014 taking total capacity to 22.5 LT.Agriculture Extension Officers are being appointed for every 5,000 acres for better crop planning and higher acreage. Construction of Irrigation Projects has been expedited by allocating Rs 25,000 cr every year in the Budget. Govt is striving to revive traditional occupations and announced different targeted schemes, said KCR.