KCR, Lagadapati shake & smile at each other

Congress MP Lagadapati Rajgopal, and TRS MP K.Chandra Shekar Rao . One is for united Andhra Pradesh and the other for Separate Telangana. The war of words between have great intensity than Telugu film punch dialogues.

But today, Both of them found smiling at each other , shaking their hands at Parliament in Delhi. These gestures by them  gave morning shocks to media in this chilled winter season. Both of them has one minute chat , Lagadapati started conversation saying, “Baguntam….Telugu Prajalu Baguntaru…Andharu Baguntaru”. And KCR also said “ok ok”.  Vijayashanthi was smiling at them.

Observers say, May be the are happy for a succesfull drama played by them  in the state for last few years and fooling the people.  KCR as he always does before elections,   Jumps into NDA side and go for elections and after elections he again supports UPA and act as if he is struggling for the cause of Telangana.