KCR inaugurates Sri Convention in Kompally

kcr-malal-reddyTelangana Chief minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao has inaugurated Malkajgiri MP Malla Reddy’s Sri Convention in Kompally.

Speaking of the occasion He praised the MP for being a successful and Margadarsui to all. KCR said Malla Reddy has started his life by selling milk and now he owns 30 colleges .

Malla Reddy is a true inspiration for the people . KCR hopes that Malkajgiri would be developed under his leadership and also assured that his government would give helping hand for the development of Malkajgiri consistency .

KCR also attended the Kshatriya’s meeting held in Kompally . He said, People have migrated into Hyderabad from different parts of the country and contributed to the development of the city.