KCR hints shifting of film studios from city limits

basthi-audio-launch-photos (4)Telangana Chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao from the dias of Basthi film audio launch indirectly hints shifting of present film studios which are within the city  to another place.

He said that, Earlier Studios like Ramanaidu, Annapurna and Padmalaya used to be on outskirts of the city but now city has stretched and these studios have got commercial value as far as real estate is concerned. There are some controversies in allotting lands to film personalities.  After discussing with film personalities and in cabinet meeting, the government will allow those lands to be utilised for commercial purpose and also facilitate to construct studios in other places , Telangana government would cooperate with the studio owners.

He requested the film personalities to give suggestions so that new studios and new institutions emerge here.  rather going to mumbai and other places for training, he suggested the film veterans to start training institutions . He continued to say that,  There is no boundaries for cinema ,music and language . “Telugu cinema is Telugu cinema” . He would invite film personalities in short time and told that he even informed actor Chiranjeevi about the meeting to discusses about building Filmnagar -2 . He said, Lands would be given at a nominal rate of Rs.1 per yard to all those working in cinema industry including light boy.