KCR failed to raise Telangana issues : Congress

rp_kcr-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300-1-272x300.jpgTelangana Congress alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has failed to make a proper representation about the issues concerned with the state at Niti Aayog meeting.

Congress Spokesperson Dasoju Sravan said KCR has not set any priority on issues at the meeting and there is no proper representation on increase in reservation quota for Muslims and Scheduled Tribes, Railway Coach Factory and Information Technology Investment Region .

While CLP leader Jana Reddy said, CM KCR did not achieve the assurance given by the Center during bifurcation. Beyond steel industry, railway coach factory, the Center has not paid subsidies for backward areas. The demanded the state government for tribal and horticulture universities. He asked about the unfulfilled 12 percent reservation for Muslims.