KCR eyes on Vijaya Dairy for Heritage ?

KCRFollowing announcement of Heritage company profits owned by AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu family as 30 crore . Heritage Foods is valued at Rs.913 crore. The company’s turnover was Rs.2,000 crore during 2014-15.

T News channel owned by Telangana CM K.ChandraShekar rao states that the dairy, Vijaya Dairy owned by the sate government is doing profitable business.

It said, Following the decision of CM KCR the collection of milk increased four times from 1.27 lac litres to 4.68 lac litres . Vijaya procuring Milk from dairy farmers at a price of Rs 39 to Rs 60 per liter whereas private dairies are offering just Rs.27 for the farmers. Vijaya dairy plant’s capacity is 5 lakh liters and a proposal to make it 10 Lakh liters is under consideration.