KCR driving Telangana towards Cashless Economy

rp_kcr-259x300-1-259x300-1-259x300-259x300-1-259x300-1-259x300-259x300.jpgTelangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao is keen to drive the state towards Cashless Economy.

He said, Ibrahimpur village became a model village by becoming cashless transactions village in the state. He wanted the rest of the villages of the state to follow it.

He said, People should be educated to use the swiping machines, ATM, Credit, Debit Cards and other mobile applications. He observed that some Apps doesn’t require Internet facility. He directed the officials to educate people by bringing awareness to use Morden technologies.

He asked the officials to identify the bottlenecks for the implementation of cashless transactions .