KCR bats for more powers to States

rp_kcr-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300.jpgTelangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao demands the centre for govt freedom and powers to the states over implementing reservations.

He said We have central govt at the national level and govts at states. The decision should be taken which subject should be with whom? Due to subjects under Concurrent List, schemes & programmes for same Ministry are implemented separately leading to problems at field level.In the country, states have different sociological conditions. There is a need to have reservation policies based on this social fabric. States should be given freedom and powers in this regard.

He said Centre should give more powers to States.There is no real federalism in India. States had no rights to Minimum support price to farmers and courts, justice, rivers issues, reservations are under central powers.

For last few days, Telangana MPs are fighting for reservations that are promised to Muslims in parliament.