Why KCR away from Kumaraswamy Oath ceremony?

rp_kcr-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300-1-272x300-1-272x300-272x300.jpgWhy Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao kept himself away from Karnakata CM Kumaraswamy oath ceremony?

Kumaraswamy formed JDS-Congress combine government with the support of Congress party and his swearing-in ceremony was very grand and only KCR was missing the event.

Congress leader Chinna Reddy has the answer as to why KCR skipped the event, He says KCR has skipped the oath ceremony as was unable to show his face to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. KCR has become CM of the state after Sonia gave Telangana.

He also alleged that KCR gave money to JDS thinking that it will go with BJP after elections, but it didn’t happen. He also said The TRS Raithu Bandhu scheme is a Vote Bandhu Scheme. Farmers will benefit only when they are given supporting price to their crops.